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The MilSO Box is a monthly subscription box curated specifically for the lady significant others of our military troops.

These women are unsung heroes who posses the strength and endurance to stay behind while their loved one must go.

MilSO Box honors them by sending them high quality goods meant to lift their spirits, pamper them, and delight them with a monthly gift on their doorstep.

We proudly feature products from MilSO owned businesses, Veteran-Owned businesses, and products that are Made in America.


Is this a MilSO business, you ask?

Nope.  No MilSO here.  My name is Lindsay, and I am a US Air Force Veteran, proud mother, and wife to a wonderful Murse (male nurse) who cares for other veterans at our local VA hospital.  One of my favorite people in the world is the MilSO of an Army soldier.  Her wonderful, difficult, completely-worth-it life spurred me into action.

Care packages for our troops have been around since The Ice Age... finally, it's their turn.

People talking about MilSO Box

"I'm so excited I can barely contain myself!!!  Is it in the mail yet??"

Susan Astor

"My wife is my rock, and she deserves a gift like this.  I hope she enjoys it..."

Jonathan Rich

"I love this idea!!  How great to get a surprise on my doorstep each month!"

Tanya Lewis